Thursday, September 6, 2012

cupcakes galore

lately i have been on a hunt for all things cupcakes. if i want to own a bakery one day i gotta learn the ladies that are already doing it right!

one of my favorite cupcakerys in irvine is Casey's Cupcakes, her love for glitter and all things sweet inspires me daily...if you aren't already, you should follow Miss Casey on Facebook

this next cupcakery is new to me, in fact we were just introduced this morning. my coworker brought me a belated birthday cupcake from Frostings Cupcakes. i love the packaging, don't you?

next time you need a weekend pick me up be sure to stop into one of these fabulous bakeries...until next time xoxo


Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...

LOVE the packaging! It's simple and chic!

holly foxen wells

Sabrina said...

Love it! Where is frostings (i want one)?!

xo -


Maegan said...

I feel like this is the cupcake spot that Audrey Hepburn would go to if she was here! Frostings is in Lake Forest off of El Toro, you have to check out the site...they offer "shots of frosting", you can buy a small cup with just frosting, GENIUS!

Frostings Bakery
23624 El Toro Road, Suite D
Lake Forest, CA 92630