Sunday, January 13, 2013

reduce. reuse. recycle what you already have!

some may consider me a "hoarder". let me be more specific, my mother would consider me a hoarder. i'm not saying i completely disagree, i'm just saying there's a method to my madness. i like to "hoard" certain things that can benefit me in the future, such as, ribbon, gift bags, purses, shoes, scrapbook paper and designer magazines. i'm always trying to find cheap ways to decorate our house so i like to have supplies handy in case i randomly come up with an idea or if i see something on pinterest. and lets be clear, it's not out of control...

the past year i have developed a new obsession, designer bags, and by "bags" i don't mean the one's we wear; i mean the ones the bags we buy come in and their boxes. i saw this picture of a woman who framed and hung designer bags in her office and i thought to myself, maybe one day i'll have entire wall like her, until then my extra large tiffany bag that i framed for the bathroom will have to suffice. just because i can't shop like carrie bradshaw doesn't mean i can't decorate like carrie bradshaw.

this weekend i decided my ribbon collection needed some organizing and i remembered i got the most amazing victoria's secret boxes with one of my christmas presents this year so i got to work. then one thing led to another and well, you'll see below...

doesn't it look fabulous like this?

i was so excited when they fit perfectly. i have another box
on the counter that has playing cards instead of business cards.

what kind of "supplies" do you like to "hoard" ;-)