Monday, September 10, 2012

it's that time of year again...

baby season! it has officially started in my house. don't get ahead of yourself over there, this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with a couple of my wonderful girlfriends. as much as i can't wait to have my own little bundle of joy one day, for now i'm happy buying the gifts.

last weekend i went to the most adorable little shower for one of my friends that i have known since high school, Raeanne. i went to her wedding last year and there was so much love in the room, i know little girl is going to be greatly loved and adored.

weeks before the shower i was racking my brain to come up with either the perfect 'gift' or the perfect compilation of small 'gifts'. i began my journey at Wally World (Walmart for those of you who aren't from the South) because i know they have the best prices on diapers and toiletries. i ended my journey at Target because i know they always have great weekend sales, we all know we LOVE the dollar section!

**buying gifts on a budget can be easy but you may have to go to multiple places to find everything you need/want.

here's a few inexpensive ideas:

i wasn't able to find any boots small enough, maybe for Chloe's first birthday ;-)

now on to the wrapping! a creative gift needs some creative wrapping to be complete. i went with a brown bag and pink tissue (i prefer a vintage look). i was putting the package together and the bag looked so boring so i grabbed my scissors, some scrapbook paper, my glue stick and 2 letter 'C's to trace.

what do you think? i used a sticker to address Mommy's envelope since i don't have the best penmanship

until next time...happy gifting xoxo


Natalie said...

So cute! Love the little rain boots.

Pavline said...

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