Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The story of "the damn chair"

A couple of weekends ago, my girlfriend and I went to support our friend at her booth at the popular event in LA called Unique LA. When we arrived at her booth we both noticed this really awesome clear acrylic chair, you know, the ones that are on sale at Homegoods for $199. We all want one, but who in the world spends $199 on a chair you can’t even see?  ;-)

We spent like 5 hours cruising around the showroom, drooling over the Sriracha popcorn from SpoonMeSweetly, dying over the adorable notecards from SweetLittleNothingsXO and picking up a couple things from a booth having a $10 sample sale. I think our favorite booth, aside from the one we were apart of, was the NKLA booth. NKLA stands for ‘No-Kill Los Angeles’ and is “A Best Friends Animal Society Initiative”. Since they launched, NKLA has helped the number of pets being killed in LA decrease by 56%! I’ve already signed up to be a volunteer and you can sign up too by clicking HERE.

When the day came to an end, we packed up all of our goodies and before we started to walk away from the booth my girlfriend mentioned the “damn chair”, why doesn’t anyone else have one of these at their booth? Do you know where this chair came from? …Do you think anyone would notice if it weren’t here tomorrow? At that point we all just stared at each other for a second and the next thing I knew I was carrying the “damn chair” past a volunteer, while sweating, and hoping that either she would turn her head at the right time or that, since the chair is clear, she wouldn’t see it resting on my hip. WE MADE IT TO THE ELEVATOR! Next step, make it past the volunteers by the parking structure payment machine. WE MADE IT TO THE SECOND SET OF ELEVATORS! It was then that I said to my girlfriend “I’m really jealous that you’re getting this chair, I’ve wanted one for as long as I could remember”...her response…wait for it…“oh, you can have it, I just wanted to see if we could make it past the volunteers without getting caught”. So what you’re telling me is, if we did get caught, I would be the one holding the damn chair? I would be mad at you if I hadn’t just scored this DAMN CHAIR!

When I returned home, I was like "Hey Dad, so look at this really awesome chair I got today! forward to after I told him what had happened and how I acquired the "damn chair". I kid you not, his exact words were "Well, it's not like anyone saw you holding anything. I mean, it's a clear chair, no one can see that thing and it's not like anyone will miss it, they didn't even know it was there to begin with"

In the end, it was a hilarious story that we’ll remember for years to come and it’s a great addition to the office area in my room. Take a look for yourself below...


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